Requirements for enrolment in the 1st year of study:

The following candidates are eligible for enrolment:

  • candidates who have completed an undergraduate or graduate single-specialisation or dual-specialisation study programme (or integrated undergraduate and graduate study programme) in the corresponding field of teacher education;
  • candidates who have completed a graduate study programme (or integrated undergraduate and graduate study programme) of engineering or research specialisation, with acquired pedagogical competences equal to 60 ECTS;
  • candidates who have attained the academic title of master of science upon the completion of the Postgraduate University Study Programme in Didactics of Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Science, University of Split, with a mandatory requirement of passing the following exams:
  • Elective course from the Methodology and Statistics group (1st semester)
  • Mandatory specialised course (2nd semester)
  • Elective course from the Information and Communication Technology in Education group (2nd semester)
  • Elective course in professional methods (3rd semester)
  • Research Seminar I (3rd semester)
  • Research Seminar II (4th semester)

 Academic title

Academic title attained upon graduation: Doctor of interdisciplinary sciences, field of educational sciences


The tuition amounts to 15,000.00 HRK per academic year.


The duration of the doctoral study programme is 3 years. The curriculum of the doctoral study programme consists of a mandatory and an elective part. The mandatory part comprises psychological-pedagogical courses (psychology, didactics, methodology) and professional methods. The doctoral candidate selects, upon consultations with the supervisor, elective courses in the area of social sciences and the subject area, taking into account the personal interests of the candidate and the topic of the doctoral thesis.

The teachers and the supervisors at the doctoral study programme are active researchers with internationally relevant publications and adequate competences to lead research projects and supervise doctoral candidates.
In order to learn more about the research programmes, please contact our corresponding teachers.

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