to the website of the Postgraduate University Study Programme in Education Research in Natural and Technical Sciences at the Faculty of Science, University of Split. The aim of this website is to inform you about the contents, structure and advantages of this study programme.

The programme is of an interdisciplinary nature, the only doctoral study programme in the Republic of Croatia that enables the scientific advancement of graduated teachers and teachers with master degrees in education, who besides possessing strong subject knowledge will be qualified for scientific research and improvement of the teaching process in the area of natural and technical sciences. Rapid development of science and numerous new findings in natural and technical sciences are reasons for a growing need for continuous training of the teaching staff, development of new methodologies and design of modern study programmes at all levels of education. The aim of the doctoral study programme is to train experts proficient in using interdisciplinary methods and principles required by the rising challenges.


Prof. Emerita Maja Pavela-Vrančić, PhD
Head of the Study Programme

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