Defence of the Research Seminar I

Gabrijela Marin Differentiated approach to teaching and assessment with emphasis on the dimensions ofthe Five-Factor Model of Personality Traits in Biology Teaching 25.October 2021
Melita Marinelli Teaching Methods in Biology Tuition – Teaching Cell Cycle 20 November 2020
Ivan Peraić Learning Analytics Dashboards 30 September 2020
Mirjana Mia Ožić Alternative conceptions in chemistry teaching 30 September 2019
Marin Aglić Čuvić A review of program visualizations and design of a visual dataflow language 26 September 2019
Novoselić Daniela The application of printed and digital textbooks, information technologies and new media in science and biology courses 28 May 2019
Brođanac Predrag Parallel Programming for High School Students – Has the Time Come? 23 May 2019
Podrug Ivanka Science teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and teaching photosynthesis 15 June 2018
Šarić Lana Pedagogical content knowledge and beliefs of Croatian chemistry pre-service teachers 15 June 2018
Balažinec Marina Soil as a model for teaching complex relations in ecosystems 9 May 2018
Ribarić Nikolina Use of information and communication technology in teaching chemistry 8 May 2018
Zaninović Marijana The role of interactive models in teaching organic chemistry 30 June 2017
Žanko Žana Misconceptions in introductory programming education 22 September 2016
Krpan Divna Training of beginner software developers in higher education 22 September 2016
Smerdel Snježana The implementation of the strategy of pre-learning in science education 22 April 2016
Bulić Mila E-learning systems in promoting education for a healthy and sustainable life 6 November 2015
Rakić Krešimir Evaluation of students’ knowledge in e-learning systems using objective tests in controlled natural language 1 July 2014
Bubica Nikolina Teaching strategies and factors influencing knowledge of novice programmers 5 May 2014
Mladenović Monika Gaming based learning and teaching of programming 29 April 2014
Vladušić Roko Pedagogical content knowledge with particular focus on chemical bonding concepts and language-based issues 3 April 2014
Šimičić Sanda Usage of particulate drawing in analysis, testing and improvement of conceptual knowledge in teaching chemistry 18 February 2014
Purković Damir Contextual approach to learning and teaching of technical education in primary schools 20 January 2014

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